2012 thoughts and pictures exhibition. vice chancellors lodge liverpool.

2013 liverpool art fair bluecoat chambers

2014 warrington open exhibition uk

2014 liverpool art fair. the gallery

2015 meditteraneo group exhibition. castello angionoi italy

2015 palace biedermanna exhibition poland

2015 biennale arte contemporanea salerno exhibition italy

2016 la grande madre group exhibition angioino italy

2017 the nuance of dreams exhibition florence italy

2017 anima mundi consciosness venice italy

2017 gemini art prize exhibition london

2017 sunny art centre group exhibition london


2017 winner the artbox project switzeland

2017 winner the black and white spider awards digital art

2017 winner chester arts centre

2017 finalist the digital art awards united arab emirates dubai

2017 finalist visual arts open uk


advanced photoshop magazine feature issue #97

advance photoshop magazine feature issuse #95

practical photoshop magazine feature issue #06

photoshop creative magazine feature issue #87

visions libras screaming up to life magazine feature

visions libras illusions of reality magazine feature

science and vie magazine feature

jungle boutique and art magazine feature

aesthetica art magazine feature


book cover wie wir traumem-douwe drassima

book cover emma healey-z is for zoek

book cover zia rahman-a la luz de lo que sabemos

book cover guylain cliche-words of peace in native land

book cover miguel seaman-le musee des reves

book cover christopher coleman-the sighting

book cover franz kafka-el proceso


michael price-the hope of better weather

micheal price-4 quartets ep

micheal price-collected piano works for dance